Terms and Conditions


1- We operate an on line marketplce that enables Members to view and purchase our diffrent products and services.However certain products are available on the Marketplace for defined and limited period of time and are sold to the Member who proposed the highest purchase price during that limited selling period

2- your user name and password-As part of the registration process, you will choose your own user name and password.You will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of that password and for restricting access to your computer.As part of our terms and coditions guide you must agree that you are solely resposible for all activities that occur under your name and password

3- Strictly only one account can be made per registered subsccriber

4- Compliance with laws-The site and marketplasce may only be used for lawful purposes and this is to be completed in a lawful manner.You solely agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations regarding use of the marketplace,including bidding,and purchasing products.Anyfraudulent conduct may be reported to law enforcement,and our webesite will cooperate to ensure that violators are prosecuted by authority

5- Your privacy-you should check our privacy policies frequently for changes.Ecsept as authorised herein and unless otherwise consented,you agree not to use any information regarding other participants which is acssessible from the site or disiclosed to you by webside except to enter into and complete transactions.

6- Action Gliches.Our webesite wil offer 100%risk free auctions,except when a technical glitch prevents that from happening.In such a case, webesite reserves the wright to stop restart, or cancel any auction at any time, including before,during and after.Any and all funds received during a glitch auction, will be returned by the webesite to the customer if no merchandise is shipped.

7- Termination-we may terminate this Agreement or you access to the site at any time in the event of any conduct by you which website,in its sole discretion,considers to be unacceptable

Bidding terms-

8- You acknowledge and agree that a bid or a request to by any product is a legal offer to buy the product.once website accepts your offer, you are obligated to complete the transaction as accepted by website.failure to do so in a timely manner will result in termination of  your webesite membership and other actions taken by webesite to enforce your obligations.You acknowledge that not fulilling these obligations may be legally actionable.

9- Fist time user-First time customers will be required to pay for their first three items that they bid on and win. bidding privileges will be restricted until payment is made.After the first trasaction is officially completed,customers will be able to bid freely on other items.Until such time,customers will not be able to make use of the website auto-bid feature.

10- Payment terms-Existing customers who receive a Second Chance Offer will have two(2) days to pay for all SecondChance Offers after receiving an email notification of the offer.Each viewers Choice Offers will be expire in tow(2)days affter you receive an email notification.Accordingly,you will have two(2)days to pay for any viewers -Choice Offer.


11- Payment in Australian Currency only.All payments for products must be made in Australian currency

12- Payment due Within 2 days,after website accepts your offer to buy product.any payment not received within 2 days of when website accepts you offer to buy a product will be referred for collection.

13- Shipping is non-refundable,unless,product [ is damaged or] does not substantially conform to the listing page description of such product.

14- Money refund will be the purchase priceminus a 15% restocking fee,shipping,handling,and other services.This refund will be issued back to the form of original payment.

15- Allpackages that are refused by the customer or returned as undeliverable will automatically be assessed a  25%restocking fee

16- Accepted payment forms which the website currently accepts include:

i) We accept: Payments through paypal only(no exceptions)

ii) Paypal protects buyers 100% against unauthorized payments sent from their accounts

iii) More information can be found on the PayPal Website

17- You agree that any payments made to webesite through any third party payment service,such as paypal,any credit card issuer,or any other party ,will be an agreement between you and a third party. The webesite will have no role or responsibility in any relationship between you and a third party payment service.Any information about the service of a third partypayment service provided on this site is for convenience only.The website makes no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of such information.


18- Sales Tax Requirement.Companies selling over the internet are subject to the same sales tax collection requirements as any other retailers.


19- All domestic order (products shipped within Australia) will be shipped by express post platinum.All international orders (products shipped outside of Australia) will be shipped by FedEx international

20- Time to ship- website will not ship products or begin to provide services until full payment for such products or services is received. Website will deliver products to the shipper within five (5) business days of receiving payment for such products. During peak season, your order may take longer to ship. Additional services such as ring resizing or gem and jewellery reports may delay your order up to seven (7) additional days.

 21- Express Shipping - We will endeavour to provide you the opportunity to elect express shipping, subject to additional charges. Express shipping relates only to the services provided by a shipper and does not relate in any way to websites time to deliver the Product with the shipper. Our website cannot be responsible for delays in shipping. The wesbite makes no warranty, express or implied, about the ability of any shipping company to deliver any package in a specified amount of time. Any delays in shipping are the responsibility of the shipping company.

22- No Signature Release - We will not  authorize any shipper to deliver any Product without an authorized receipient signature. Accordinlgy, if you or your designees are unavailable to sign for any Product package, it will be retained by the shipper for delivery or follow up by you or your designee. In the event you have a signature release waiver on file with express post platinum, or international express fedex the website will not be held liable for missing or non-delievered Products(s).

23- Separation - We reserve the right to ship Products from a single order in separate packages if the order contained services or if there are applicable size and item number limitations as set forth in this Agreement or imposed by the shipper. Any separately shipped packages may result in additional shipping charges.

24- Auction Products are separated into 2 Different Classifications.

25- Jewellery items are small high-value items such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, eyewear, accessories and some watches that may be shipped together.

26- Silver/Base Metal Items are items consisting mainly of silver or alternative metals such as base metal, tungsten, or titanium.